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The number of police officers on Midlothian streets will drop drastically in March 2017 if SNP Councillors’ plans go ahead.

This means 14 fewer officers patrolling our streets, so if you think it’s hard enough getting a response from the police at the moment, imagine what it will be like when there’s 14 fewer officers?

The Community Action Teams, or CAT teams as they are known, were introduced by Labour in 2008 specifically to deal with antisocial  behaviour issues, such as youth disorder, antisocial neighbours, vandalism and general crime and disorder.

Labour Councillors have consistently opposed this cut and we pledge to reinstate the 14 front line police officers after the Election in May 2017, if we control the Council.

Meantime we have a petition which you can sign against the cuts.

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Midlothian has over 4500 people or families on our housing waiting lists.

The last LABOUR Council started 926 new council houses, completing 842 by May 2012, and put in place another   £50 million for an additional 500 to be build before losing control of the Council.

Unbelievably, despite the money being available, the SNP controlled council has built only 188 new council homes in the last five years

Despite a massive demand for council houses, the SNP have simply abandoned Labour’s plans for hundreds of new homes across Midlothian.  In one example they preferred to spend thousands of pounds building a new car park for Council Officials, instead of new council houses for families.

After the 2017 council elections, Labour pledge to reinstate the plans for housing on this and other sites and to forge ahead with the building of up to 1000 new council homes.

SNP Government Are Still Stealing your Council Tax

The Scottish Government’s announcement that it has abandoned plans to steal council tax to fund national priorities is a sham.

The Government now say that Councils can keep the money for local priorities, but have cut the main grant to Midlothian by millions more than we get from the increase in Council Tax we are now allowed to keep.

In Midlothian, all 8 SNP councillors refused to condemn the tax grab, their leader stating that she did not want to be the only SNP Council leader criticising the Scottish Government on the issue.  They also think that the subsequent reductions in grant represent a good deal for Midlothian.  So much for putting Midlothian’s residents first!

Labour Councillors pledge to stand up for Midlothian, irrespective of who is in power at Holyrood or Westminster.
Knowing When To Say NO!
Midlothian is expected to become the fastest growing County in Scotland over the next few years with an increase in population of more than 25%.

Yet many of us know that the services required in most of our communities are already at or past breaking point. That’s why Labour Councillors attempted to block the South East Scotland Strategic plan that requires Midlothian to allow thousands of new homes to be built in towns and villages across Midlothian until the Scottish Government can tell us how local services and infrastructures are going to be improved to meet the demand that the new housing will create.

Many GP surgeries are unable to cope with the demand that already exists with many local residents struggling to see a doctor. Surgeries across Midlothian have closed their lists to new patients.  

We need to know how the Scottish government is going to resolve the GP shortage before we agree to build the thousands of new houses that our MSPs in the Scottish Parliament  insist we allow.

Labour councillors pledge to tackle the Scottish  Government on this issue as one of our priorities.

How many of you suffer the journey into Edinburgh to work every day?  We need to know when the Scottish government will deliver on its commitment to grade separation or a flyover at the Sheriffhall roundabout that is years behind.  We need to know trains will turn up and have  sufficient carriages when they do so that the Borders Railway can cope with demands already placed on it.

When will we see the re-regulation of buses  so  a decent bus service can be provided to serve all our communities?

Labour councillors pledge to hold the Rail companies and Scottish Government to account on both these issues

Local Labour Councillors opposed the acceptance of the South East Scotland Strategic plan which required all Councils in the area to agree to build thousands of new homes, believing that this provided us with an opportunity to exert some pressure on the Government to get answers to these questions.

Labour condemned the naiveté of the Midlothian SNP councillors when they forced through the latest South East Scotland Strategic plan which removed the significant leverage we had as a Council
The Scottish Government continues to pressure Midlothian to take more and more housing without providing the supporting infrastructure, and local SNP Councillors simply won’t stand up to them.

Labour Councillors will demand that the Scottish Government resolve these serious issues now that the SNP Councillors in Midlothian have agreed this plan
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