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Stephen Blain,

Proud of Scottish Labours record of achievement in Midlothian.
Up and till 2012 when the SNP formed the executive administration in Midlothian Council we built and upgraded Schools, Health Centres and built more affordable council housing for Midlothian People. I note with dismay that this has stalled under the current SNP administration. I promise that if returned I will be a strong voice for Midlothian.

Reforming Council funding.
For far too long Council funding has through the populist ‘Council Tax Freeze’ imposed by the Scottish Government been allowed to dwindle leaving our communities funding in a woefully inadequate state. This has led to the sustainable provision for essential services to whither on the vine. I promise I will robustly challenge all central government’s attempts to divert locally raised council tax money to national projects which don’t benefit our essential local services as they might elsewhere. Money raised in our communities must benefit our communities our vulnerable people our essential public services.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Tel: 07796 464 028

Write to me at:
Stephen Bain
21 Cameron Crescent
EH19 2PH

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